Ginni Mahi (India)

Punjabi folk, rap and hip-hop

7th February 2020 - 7 PM Onwards - Gandhi Ground

GinniMahi (born 1999) is an Indian Punjabi folk, rap and hip-hop[1] singer hailing from Jalandhar, Punjab, India. She became famous with her songs Fan Baba Sahib Di and Danger Chamar that went viral on social media. She attended the Global Media Forum (GMF 2018) in Germany, where she was dubbed as a Young Voice in Equality and Freedom, for speaking up against flogging [2].

Ginni idolizes LataMangeshkar and ShreyaGhoshal in her singing while trying to convey the messages of B. R. Ambedkar in her lyrics. Mahi has performed outside of India, in Canada, Greece, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. She held her first Interview held in 2016 on NDTV with BurkhaDutt in Delhi. Subsequently, in 2018 she attended 'Sahitya' Live conversation show organized by AajTak TV channel at New Delhi. She took the stage to speak up for equality of women in the Indian society.[

her song Danger Chamar, she looked to eradicate the unpleasantness associated with her caste name, Chamar and turn it into something more empowering and a matter of pride. Her first two albums, Guraan di Diwani and GurupurabhaiKanshi Wale Da were devotional hymns belonging to the Ravidassia community. To make sure her songs don't offend anyone, the lyrics of her songs are analyzed by a team consisting of her parents, the music director Amarjit Singh, and the video director Raman Rajat.

She chose to sing devotional songs first to gain some recognition among the Punjabi population, before shifting to the political and anti-castism theme that sings in now.