Mico Kendes (Kurdistan Region)

Music from Kurdistan Region

9th February 2020 - 8 AM - 10 AM - Manji ka Ghat (Ambrai Ghat)

Born into a kurdish family in northern Syria bordering Turkey, Miço Kendes sings the stories, songs, epics and legends of the kurdish people. He was first initiated to these centuries old traditions by his granmother before starting to explore it by himself, collecting hundreds of songs. His interest in his musical heritage springs from his desire to serve this popular memory with his magnificent voice. His mastery of the vocal techniques of his region enables him to sing in a variety of registers; he is perfectly at home in several traditional repertoires.

He accompanies his powerful voice with the bouzouk, the traditional lute of Kurdistan.

Settled in Switzerland since several years, he gives concerts all over the world. He will be accompanied in this concert by François Clavel on the percussions.