Pakshee (India)

Hindi pop fusion

9th February 2020 - 3 PM - 6 PM - Fateh Sagar Paal

Pakshee is a six-piece outfit based out of New Delhi that brings together a unique blend of music that falls under the umbrella of World Music. The band came together with a vision to connect diverse tastes in music ranging from Jazz, Funk, Pop and Rock to create a concoction of exotic harmonies and infectious rhythms. This shared outlook was neatly bound together by Hindustani and Carnatic vocals with Hindi and Malayalam as the medium of expression. The main aim of the band is to create tunes that are completely out of the box and are an authentic fusion of the diversity of musicians that make Pakshee. The band so far has released 2 singles and 1 song collaboration that have been widely appreciated by the audience and have built a considerable fan following along the way as well.

The backbone of this band, Dan Thomas plays his tunes on drums. He is an immensely talented drummer who grew up playing at a church and hence, mainly creates sounds influenced by the genre of gospel. He is however also adept at funk, rock, pop and fusion as well. Dan plays with a number of acts currently: High Time, Barefaced Liar, Antariksh, Guillotine and The Copy Cats.

Pranay is a session keyboardist based in New Delhi. He started playing at the age of 13 and is a self-taught musician. His versatility has enabled him to play with bands of various genres and is currently playing with Delhi based bands – High Time, Prabhtoj Singh and The Copycats. His interest lies in jazz, RnB and funk music.

The ensemble is refined by Kunwar Tanishque Jarial, a singer, composer and an arts enthusiast. Tanishque is trained in Hindustani classical music and continues to learn and create combining traditional, world and RnB influences to develop his own style.

Trained in Carnatic music, he loves to play with his notes and knows the exact tune to suite your ears. Introducing our Malayalee vocalist Sreerag, who adds a south Indian touch to Pakshee’s flight.

Akshat Pradhan on bass, brings his adaptability to various different styles and feels of music which adds a contrasting groove factor to Pakshee. Locked in for High Time, he puts Pakshee’s sound in the perfect musical pocket.

Satyam Sah, the bands guitarist, has influences ranging from classical, rock and jazz music. He provides the accompaniment and addition needed for the musical vision of this group. He started playing guitar at the age of 11 with blues and metal and is currently studying jazz.